1996 Unlimited Photo Gallery

The Miss Bud & Smokin' Joe's collision.
A four picture sequence.

Miss Bud on the move

12.6 second AVI w/sound - 945K file.
Video by Dan Jablonoski.

3 Boats in an earlier heat
Exide/Carpenter, D.O.C. and DeWalt.
4 Boats - Going for the Start
Wellness Plan, DeWalt, D.O.C., Bud.
The great Allison V12
Dual turbo WW II aircraft engine.
PICO American Dream
On the move.
Another PICO
The DYC in the background.
Miss D.O.C. Sexy Specs and PICO
The Roostertail turn.
PICO & Miss Wellness Plan
Side by side.
Miss Budweiser
At Speed.
Another Miss Bud
Coming into the pits.
Miss Bud passing the DYC
Spectators with a fabulous view.
Miss Bud - After the accident
Being towed back.
Smokin Joe's - After the accident
The canopy after they cut (the unharmed) Mark Tate free.
The DeWalt Crew
Helping Mike adjust the canopy.
Dewalt .. a classic DYC pic
That sign says 'Slow - No Wake'.
Rounding the Roostertail turn(?).
Miss Exide / Carpenter Communications
Returning to the pits.
Miss Exide / Carpenter Communications
Racing past the Judges Stand.
Lining up for the final start
Wellness Plan, DeWalt, D.O.C., Bud.
Smokin' Joe's
A very nice photo.
Another Smokin Joe's
The Detroit Yacht Club is in the background.
Smokin Joe's + Exide/Carpenter Communications
Lining up for the start.
A hydro enters the bridge turn
The RenCen is in the background.
Miss Roostertail gets ready for a date
The Cooper's Allison powered hydroplane.
Now THAT'S A Roostertail!
Still setting piston-powered records.
One more Roostertail
Coming into the pits.
Miss D.O.C. Sexy Specs
Rev-ing up.
Miss D.O.C. Sexy Specs #2
Hitting a bouy gets a one lap penalty.
One more D.O.C.
Passing the Detroit Yacht Club.
Miss Wellness Plan
Ken Dryden driving.
Another Wellness Plan
Another beautiful shot.
Miss Wellness Plan Too
A nice close-up.
Another Wellness Plan Too
On the move.
3 Boats going for the start
Wellness Plan, DeWalt, and D.O.C.

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