The Chrysler Jeep Detroit APBA Gold Cup

Mark Weber speaks at the pre-race SODT meeting
The crowd wasn't very quite - sorry for the background noise
Wednesday: pan of Pit Row
All the pit slots have been filled now


Steve David interview
Driver of the U-2, Miss Chrysler Jeep

Mike Hanson Interview
Driver of the U-9 Miss Carpenter Communications

Pan of Pit Row
All the pit slots have been filled now

Miss DYC
On the water

Exhibition run in the afternoon

Crew member
Working on a prop

Miss Budweiser
The boats

Miss Budweiser
Engine crew

Appian Jeronimo
Apprian Jeronimo


Not sure what boat this is
On the course

On the course

Special thanks for these videos goes to:
VPM Studios & SODT volunteer Gene Casaroll.
Assistance by Lory Grillo

Click on the blue button to get the software for these videos. Get the basic "RealPlayer G2", not the "RealPlayer Plus G2". The former is free, but they make it hard to find by showing many ad's for Plus along the way.

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