1998 Initial Photos

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-- Thursday --

From the east: Northwest racing in the background
The Bud's up close
U-3 Master Tire and R.S. Eastin/Bell Forklift
It's great to see the Cooper's back
Miss Carpenter Communications
PICO's of course
Llumar Window film
A great yellow but a big cloud came in
Appian Jeronimo and Miss Chrysler Jeep
Miss Chrysler Jeep & crew working
Everyone helping get a competitors starter debugged

-- Friday --

Carpenter Communications
On the hook.
Miss Budweiser
Ready to get wet.
Chrysler Queen (vintage)
The Alamo behind.
Miss Sapphire
Carpenter Communications
Check out the startup fire out the back!
Mark Tate
Preparing for his first test run.
Llumar Window Film
Changing an engine.
This might be Tate's test run.
Mark Weber
Mark Evans
In the "EVANS BROS racing" shirt.
The Steve Woomer flower memorial - very touching
In Steve's favorite western-most pit stall. My thought is that this is the best stall - I wonder why Bernie likes the east end.. perhaps for spotter access to the pit corner point.
The Crowd in the bleachers
Waterworks Park.
Two fans get a TV interview.
Chrysler concept car
Chrysler concept car
A cool red & black concept Jeep, behind.
Is this the U-3 Master Tire?
Note tail config - horiz member not at top.
Alamo (yellow)
The Alamo
Fini Finish / Arted Chrome Plating
GP-38 driven by Scott Kropfeld

-- Saturday --

Miss Bud
Master Tire and Northwest Unlimited
Northwest Unlimited
Unidentified in background (U-2?)
Master Tire
Passing the DYC
A great photo of the two PICO's
R.S. Eastin presents Miss Bell Forklift
Both PICO's
Coming into the docks.
The Outboard Performance Inflatables
A bit distant but better than no pic.
Grinding the edge of a rudder
Mark Weber and crew
Working on the Allison V-12.
I forgot what boat this is
Cooper Sr.
In the khaki shorts. Anyone know if Jr. is in front?
Unlimited Lights
Lining up for 0:00.
The Alamo
Authorized Cellular behind.
Baby Doll GP-59
Driver Mario Mauraldo
I had this mis-labeled as the Wild Fire barrel-roll.. see 9-11-22.JPG.
Llumar team
Testing an engine.
Pontiac Coil GP-154
Tom Snyder driving
Went on to complete the 360, restart, and move off the course.
Heat 2A
PICO & Miss Chrysler Jeep.
Heat 2A - PICO leading Bud!
But alas, both jumped the gun.
Miss Chrysler Jeep
Winner of heat 2A and not far behind Miss Bud.
Miss Budweiser in last place
There's a rare sight!
PICO employees cheering the boat on
Before they knew of the penalty.
Mark Evans (PICO) coming in
After the penalty in 2A.
Steve David and Miss Chrysler Jeep
After the win in heat 2A.
A disappointed Nate Brown and Bill Wurster
Talking with a crew member.
R.S. Eastin
presents Miss Bell Forklift.
Miss Chrysler Jeep (right?)
Really moving!
Mark Tate getting out of U101
He moved and is behind the crew member.
GP-45 Fini Finish (white)
GP-38 Fini Finish (blue). Todd Roesch and Scott Kropfeld driving.

-- Sunday --

THE GOLD CUP - under Pit tower
The J. Lee Schoenith Memorial Tropy behind.
Miss Sapphire (Vintage)
Gentleman Jim (left) & Unidentified
Fred Alter in GJ.
Northwest Racing, Bud, Bud and Master Tire
PICO, PICO, Llumar, Appian and Miss Chrysler Jeep
PICO-U101 off the trailer.
Bud leaving the docks
PICO leaving the docks
Llumar, Bud and PICO
Passing the DYC
Between heats 1A & 1B
Some coming in, some going out
Miss Chrysler Jeep and Appian Jeronimo
2 great performers.
Miss Budweiser coming in
After heat 4A
R.S. Eastin / Bell Forklift
Going out for 4B.
Heat 4B
Lined up for the clock start.
Shameless GP-25 (driver: George Kennedy Jr.)
Chased by Jean Theoret in Casino de Montreal GP-7.
During the championship heat.
Looks like the start of the UL final
I think this is High Pressure
Unlimited Light.
Unlimited Lights (I think).
After the win.
Jersey Speed Skiff Final.
Jersey Speed Skiff Final.
Miss Budweiser
Gold Cup Final.
Northwest Racing
Gold Cup Final.
Miss Chrysler Jeep
Gold Cup Final.
Carpenter Communications
That's quite a bounce!
Dave Villwock
Right after the win.
Celebrating on the dock
The WDIV broadcast
Steve Garagiola and Chip Hanauer.
Bernie Little
Bernie and Dave
Tom McInnes (SODT) on the right.
That's not champagne in the cup!

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