1997 Dodge Pit Photos

Let's go racing!
DeWALT on the hook.
Miss Truckgear
A nice look inside the cockpit.
Miss Budweiser Pits
Early in the week.
PICO closeup
The new PICO hull with its forward air intake.
TruckGear & Close Call
Good look at the Lycoming engine.
Close Call Calling Card
After the flip in the final.
Miss Truckgear
After the crash with PICO on Saturday.
Miss Bud's Transom
A close look at the rudder and transom.
Miss Bud's Power
A fan getting in close for a look at the powerplant.
Shot of Dodge pit row
From the Roostertail Restaurant.
Wellness Plan
Hooking it up to the crane.
Wellness Plan
After the flip in "Pierce's" Corner.
After the Miss Truckgear crash.
After overnight repairs at the PICO shop.
East end of Dodge pit row
Budweiser (2),
Chrysler Queen (vintage),
Next set West
DeWALT, Pico (new hull), Pico (the qualified hull, before Saturday's crash).
Next set West
Miss Wellness Plan, Computers & Applications, Miss Detroit Ford Dealers.
West end
Miss D.O.C/Miss TruckGear, Close Call.

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