1996 Driver Photo Gallery

Assorted pictures of some of the Unlimited drivers here
for the 1996 Gold Cup race. If you're looking for more
info about them, visit the UHRA home page.

Dave Villwock
1996 Gold Cup winner in the PICO American Dream!
Mark Tate
Driver of Smokin' Joe's, Mark lives in the Detroit area. Due to damages incurred when Bud flipped onto and over his boat, he was unable to compete for the Gold Cup this year.
Mark Tate
Another pic of Mark. A bit dark but we still like it.
Chip Hanauer
Spending a moment with some Cub Scouts.
Chip Hanauer
Chip started as driver of Miss Bud, but was later replaced by Mark Evans due to injuries suffered in a collision with Smokin' Joe's.
Mark Evans
Starting the event driving for the Miss Wellness Plan, Mark replaced Chip in the Miss Bud. Mark was replaced by Ken Dryden (no pic).
Steve David
Driver of the Miss Sexy Specs talks with the boat owner & crew.

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