The Chrysler Jeep Superstores Detroit APBA Gold Cup
All images copyright 2002 Brian Reed

---- SUNDAY ----

Sunday begins with the Unlimited Lights
Tom's Oyster Bar and Happy Go Lucky behind?

Unlimited Lights
"Ping" Conflitti on the left in Union Dooz #58

Heat 3A
Elam Plus exits the Roostertail turn

Heat 3B
Mike Weber in U-10 Emcor takes a hop

Trendwest and Miss Chrysler Jeep
Nate Brown in Trendwest (sans cowling), Greg Hopp in Miss C/J

Heat 4A
Budweiser doing some chasing for once

Let's swap the boats for 4B

Elam Plus
Taking an outside line

Elam sits dead
Michael Hansen in Tubby's Grilled Subs passes the stalled Elam Plus

Jerry Hopp
Preparing for the UL final in Happy Go Lucky (during Heat 4 of the Unlimiteds)

More action in Heat 4B
The U-100 Miss Chrysler Jeep is on the left, U-3 Master Tire on the right

Unlimited Lights FINAL

Jerry Hopp
Returning to shore

Trendwest & AIM Plastics
In the Dodge Pits

The crowd in Waterworks Park
Awaiting the final heat

The Gold Cup FINAL heat!
Oh Boy! Oberto & Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep - movin' out

Trendwest & Emcor
Keeping it tight around the Roostertail turn

Miss Bud
On the way to the checkered flag

Dave Villwock
Returning to shore after capturing the Gold Cup!

Dave Villwock & Joe Little
Post-race interview with Trent Ling (blue)

Chip Hanauer
I really like the way this photo turned out

Fred Alter
Sorry, the shadows kind of ruin the pic

Andy Keogh
President of the Detroit based Marine Prop Riders inboard racing club, working as Unlimited drivers representative in Detroit.

Steve Garey
Member of Unlimiteds Detroit and editor of their magazine

Third place
Tubby's Grilled Submarines

Second place
Terry Troxell in Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep

First place - Miss Budweiser
Dave Villwock raises the cup assisted by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

The Budweiser team
With the Gold Cup

---- SATURDAY ----

Heat 1A
The weekend's racing starts NOW!

U-100 Miss Chrysler Jeep
Driven by Greg Hopp

U-16 Elam Plus
Nate Brown in the cockpit

U-3 Master Tire
Mitch Evans returns to the dock

Getting ready for Heat 2B

Steve David
Poses with some young fans

Steve David
With another fan

Heat 1B
Terry Troxell in the Miss Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep

U-10 Miss Emcor
Mike Weber behind the wheel

Unlimited Lights
"Ping" Conflitti in Union Dooz (on the right)

Unlimited Lights
Local inboard racer Cal Phipps in Charley Wiggins UL-10 Post Bar

Heat 2A
At the start... rounding Roostertail turn and coming to the gun

Heat 2A
Elam Plus

Swapping the boats for 2B

Heat 2B

Rounding the Roostertail turn
Miss Budweiser and Miss Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep

Steve David in Oh Boy! Oberto
Returning to the dock

David Williams waiting to go
This Vintage is dubbed the "Mist Madison". Formerly the Savair's Mist, it was outfitted to look like the 1971 Miss Madison for use in filming the movie "Madison".

Mist Madison
So nice to see this on the Detroit River!

Julie Clark in her Mopar Parts T-34
I'm standing just two floors up, and she's flying by much lower!

---- SATURDAY ----
These Saturday photos by Janet Reed

Work in the pits
Elam, Llumar and Tubbys

Rounding the Roostertail turn

A Volunteer with the Gold Cup
Larry Reed

Chip Hanauer
Producing the espn2 broadcast

2.5 Litre Stock in the Dodge Pits
Driver: Beth Gilday

Elam & Tubbys
Rounding the Roostertail turn

The Llumar returns
After a problem with the canard

Steve David with a fan

Bud, DYC and Znetix

Miss Bud
On the hook

Chip Hanauer
With Webmaster Brian Reed

Two unlimiteds
Seen from the Pit Corner grandstands

Tubbys rounds the turn
On the move!

Oh Boy! Oberto returns to the pits
Steve David onboard

Unlimited Lights

---- FRIDAY ----

Chip Hanauer and Trent Ling
Arrive in town to do the espn2 coverage

Dave Villwock and a fan
Photo Friday, signed Sunday

Drivers meeting
Some of the teams and drivers

Elam on the move

A family group
Enjoying themselves!

A Vintage Grand Prix boat
"The Irishman" - In the Belle Isle pits

Miss U.S.
In the Dodge Pits

Two SODT Volunteers
One has quite a pin collection

Some of the boats in the pits

More of the boats in the pits

Driver Steve David
Visiting the Bud camp

UL-58 "Union Dooz"
Detroit driver & owner Pingree "Ping" Conflitti

SODT Volunteers
On one of the tow boats

Two volunteers
Atop Pit Tower

Volunteers in the volunteer tent
Relaxing after a day of racing

Friday evening arrives
The river is ready for another Gold Cup race!

---- THURSDAY ----

A Notre Dame replica
Part-way through construction, Jim Grams (pictured) is the organizer

Miss Budweiser
On a qualifying run

Julie Clark, our MOPAR aerobatic pilot
With her manager

Race Chairman 2002 John Gysin
An interview with FOX news

Happy Go Lucky
UL-15 aka Freddie's Club

The HydroFest fund-raiser / auction

Just the dessert table at HydroFest!

Kids in the HydroMart area
On the Bungie Jumper

Kids in the HydroMart area
Making sand sculptures with a little help

Miss Llumar
Getting ready to go

The "Mist Madison"
Miss Madison replica, originally Savair's Mist

Randy Roe and Steve David
Randy has crewed with a couple Unlimited teams

Terry Troxell and Greg Hopp
Preparing for the Media Cruise

Getting a powerplant ready
Thunder Valley Racing team

---- WEDNESDAY ----

The Haas Racing Team
Arriving in the Dodge Pits

The "Mist Madison"
The Miss Madison replica - a conversion of Savair's Mist

Oh Boy! Oberto
Finds a home in the Dodge Pits

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