The Chrysler Jeep Detroit APBA Gold Cup
All images copyright 2001 Brian Reed

---- SUNDAY ----
Saturday & Sunday pics in chronological order

The first racing today is Jersey Speed Skiffs

More JSS
The red & white boat looks completely out of the water - wish I had a better zoom.

Outboard Performance Inflatables
Running down for the start of their race.

Running a short course.


Miss Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison
Heat 3A
Steve David

U-3 Master Tire
The only piston-powered hydro left.

Miss Bud and Oh Boy! Oberto
Dave Villwock in Miss Bud

Miss Budweiser

Oh Boy! Oberto and Znetix I
Returning to the pits.
Greg Hopp in Znetix I

U-9 Tubby's Subs
Heat 3B
A very fast boat this year!

Tubby's Subs
A few boats had trouble keeping their speed up exiting the Roostertail turn... not Tub's!

U-10 Shelby Enterprises presents Miss DYC
Sponsored in part by Detroit Yacht Club members.
Mark Weber at the helm.

Another Znetix shot

Last thing I think of when I see these ladies is beer.
Gotta love the Oh Boy! Oberto sticker!

Oberto / Madison crew
Two SODT volunteers as well.

Jersey Speed Skiffs up again

More JSS

The Unlimiteds Detroit merchandise trailer
Always the best value on souvenirs! Gotta have the UD calendar (no it doesn't start with January), and they have toy and "Casper" model hydroplanes, caps, clocks, and mugs. Bruce Cowen inside.

A photo of the Waterworks crowd
This is a photo between races.

Battle Of The Bands tent

Pro Beach Volleyball exhibition

Pro Beach Volleyball exhibition

What a great couple

The Commodore's Club lunch tent

Znetix I and Miss Bud
Pulling out for Heat 4A.

Znetix on the fly
A fuzzy pic but I decided to include it.

Miss Budweiser
Another fuzzy pic.

Master Tire

Tubby's Subs

Miss Chrysler Jeep
Their powerplant isn't working up to snuff... hopefully they get it better for the rest of the races. Losing lots of speed right here, exiting the turn.

Znetix team girls
Concerned about their performance.

Shelby / Miss DYC
Heat 4B

Shelby & Roy O'Brien Ford
Ken Muscatel piloting the U-25 Roy O'Brien Ford.

Mark Weber gets the Mark Evans interview
That means a heat win!

Ken Muscatel congratulates Mark Weber

Andy Kehoe spotting for The Beach Grill UL
Andy is a 5-Litre national champ himself

Unlimited Lights FINAL

Robert Peters
One of the SODT Volunteer photogs ... thanks so much Robert!

Bruce Lowe and Marc Bivona

My photo timing was a little off
But it's such a great pic of the miss on the right I had to keep it.

This is the run down to the start of the Gold Cup FINAL
Just before the Miss Bud spinout, on the inside of these boats.

One of the Znetix boats - in the final
A fuzzy pic again.

Oh Boy! Oberto - in the final

Shelby / Miss DYC
In the final

Tubby's Subs returns to the dock
The Gold Cup winner!

Mike Hanson steps out

The crowd around the U-9 pits

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation

Michael Hanson
This is a photo from the press interview just after the award ceremony.

Lori and Kasey Jones
Lori Jones is the owner of the U-9

Lori Jones and Mike Hanson

Mike Hanson
Gold Cup winner!

---- SATURDAY ----
Saturday & Sunday pics in chronological order

Vintage Hydroplanes
Exhibition runs

Vintage Hydroplanes

The Jersey Speed Skiffs run by
The Detroit Yacht Club in the background.

Jersey Speed Skiffs

Jersey Speed Skiffs

Jersey Speed Skiffs

Budweiser crew

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights

Pit row

Bob Estabrook
Bob works on a tow boat and donated many photos to this website.

Unlimiteds - Heat 1A begins

Miss Budweiser

Mark Weber chasing Dave Villwock

Unable to close in much

Miss Budweiser returns to the dock

A young fan gets interviewed

Oh Boy! Oberto
Heat 1B

Ken Muscatel
Of the U-25 Roy O'Brien Ford

Unlimited Lights
The Beach Grill

Unlimited Lights

Happy Go Lucky
Returning to the dock

The Beach Grill

The Beach Grill and Village Idiot

Miss Bud & Master Tire

Mark Weber leads Miss Bud
Heat 2A

Heat 2A

Heat 2A

Heat 2A

Heat 2B

Heat 2B

Heat 2B

Mark Evans congratulates Mike Hanson

Oh Boy! Oberto returns to the dock

Jersey Speed Skiffs

Llumar Window Films
The damage done by losing a blade off the propellor.

The USA Racing Partners shop truck

Autograph session
Dave Villwock, Mitch Evans, and Jerry Hopp

Mike Hanson

Steve David and Ken Muscatel

Mike Weber and a fan

Mark & Mike Weber
Scotty Pierce on the left

Mark & Mike Weber

Jimmy King and Scotty Pierce
With a young fan.

Terry Troxell and Greg Hopp
With a couple young fans.

Jimmy King
Signing for a young fan.

Steve Montgomery
Interviewing Steve David. (Sorry about the photo timing Steve)

No comment

Showing off her autograph

Julie Clark
Aerobatic display.

Julie Clark

Jerry Hopp gives an interview

---- FRIDAY ----
In no particular order

The Automotive Gold Cup
Photos taken from the main (Waterworks Park) grandstands.

The Automotive Gold Cup

The Mighty Allison
A large V-12 from World War II aircraft.

Jim Harvey and a crew member
In deep thought trying to work something out.

Miss Budweiser pits

Miss Budweiser pits

Friday crowd in the Dodge Pits

One of the USA / DYC hulls practicing

The USA Racing Partners pit area

George & his daughter Charlotte - from Germany!
Beginning their month in the U.S. with the Gold Cup races.

Greg Hopp

Greg Walczak magnafluxes a Znetix prop
Greg is a very active member of Unlimiteds Detroit.

Unlimiteds Detroit club members
George Schulz, Randy Roe, Jeff Dunn, Hank Kosciuszko, Scott Dunn, Brad Dunn and Ellen Dunn.

Llumar team girls

Llumar Window Films
On the hook.

U-3 Master Tire
At speed - Mitch Evans driving.

Master Tire

Mike Hanson
Returning from a qualifying run.

Mike Weber
Of the USA Racing Partners (Shelby / Miss DYC) team.

Phil Kunz
Phil is a long-time hydroplane photographer.

The middle places in pit row are full now
Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison and the U-9 Tubby's Subs.

The U-25 Roy O'Brien Ford

Scott Pierce and Jim Harvey
Owner and driver of the U-2 Miss Chrysler Jeep.

Aw geez! The USA Racing Partners updated boat
As seen after the prop lost a blade, causing the shaft to shake so much that it ripped the bottom of the boat off.

Some very lonely boat parts

Znetix crew

---- THURSDAY ----
In no particular order

Miss Budweiser leaves for testing

Bud just coming up to speed

Now we're on a move

Miss Chrysler Jeep out for testing

The Shelby / Miss DYC heads out for testing
Just look at the wonderful water conditions!

Two fans - having a great time
I'm real happy with how this photo turned out!
Sorry that I forgot your names.

Mark Tate and Mark Evans
Taking a break from the cameras and along comes me [grin].

Miss Gold Cup, Miss Unlimited Light and Miss Jersey Speed Skiff

Early photos of the pits
The East end.

Early photos of the pits
The next set West.

Early photos of the pits
The next set West.

Early photos of the pits
The West end.

Early photos of the pits
Zooming out on the West end.

Znetix I
Practicing / qualifying

Znetix I

Znetix I
Now we're moving!

---- WEDNESDAY ----
In no particular order

UL-21 Miss Roostertail

The vintage boat "Obsession"
Coming back to the dock.

Then they ask if I want to go for a ride

Don't wait up for me!

Over all too soon

"Obsession's" powerplant

The Unlimiteds Detroit raceweek party
The UD raceweek party included Casper model boat racing on Lake Kosciuszko. Tom D'eath, Randy Roe and Mark Weber (in the USA Racing hat) root for their own boat.

EVERYONE had a great time!
And ohhhh the food they put out - yum.

More racing

One collision among many

---- TUESDAY ----
In no particular order

UL-23 Emerald Ballroom
On display in the Roostertail restaurant parking lot.

UL-929 Sindbad's

UL-14 Tom's Oyster Bar

UL-38 The Village Idiot

---- MONDAY ----
In no particular order

Inside Sindbad's
A photo wall showing Miss Bud and a series of Miss Pringle's flip in the late 80's. They're surrounded by other Sindbad's & hydro historic photos.

Center here is a Pico photo

Bud's T-5 after pulling into town
I was just driving down Gratiot and noticed the Bud trucks at the Georgian Inn. OK, no big deal, but then I turned the corner and realized there's two boats in tow!

The phanny of T-5

The rear of T-6
Notice the steps in the "shoes" here... the area that's on the bottom of the hull at the very stern. T-5 doesn't have the steps.

This is what the pits look like a few days before
All cleaned up and ready for action.

It doesn't look like a busy place yet

Looking towards the Roostertail

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