The Chrysler Jeep Detroit APBA Gold Cup
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---- SUNDAY ----


JS-25 "Shameless"
George Kennedy, Sr. and his grandson, Bobby, head onto the race course for the last qualifier of the weekend. Geroge Sr. and Bobby are the second and fourth generations of the Kennedy racing family and the second and fourth of the three generations racing on the Detroit River at the 2001 Detroit race.

JS-33 "Red Baron"
Gary Jones and his father, Larry Jones returns to the Belle Isle pits from running the final of the Jersey Speed Skiffs. Gary & Larry and their crew worked all afternoon Saturday rebuilding a blown motor to be able to run in the finals.

JS-67 "What A Rush"
Bruce Plaskett and his riding mechanic leave the pits for the final of the Jersey Speed Skiffs. Bruce and his riding mechanic went on to win the finals. I am not positive but I think that this was Bruce's first final victory. Congratulations Bruce!!!

JS-22 "Blue Bayou"
Ed Kersey and his riding mechanic head onto the race course for the final heat.

JS-712 "Just Flyin"
Jim Burtula, Jr. and Jim Burtula, Sr. enter the course for the Jersey Speed Skiff finals. On Saturday the "Just Flyin" received damage to the boat but the crew was able to repair it for Sunday's heats.

JS-4 "Chiro 1"
Driver, Charles Strickland, Jr. and his Riding Mechanic (also his father), Charles Strickland, Sr. take time to have a picture taken before they leave the race site to let everyone know that they are fine. They were involved in an accident on Saturday which left their boat too damaged to repair for Sunday's final.

UL-72 "Budweiser Pocket Mechanic"
Phil Bonocini brings his UL-72 "Budweiser Pocket Mechanic" back to Belle Isle after the finals of the Unlimited Lights. They finished first on the course but were penalized for jumping the gun.

UL-21 "Roostertail"
George Kennedy, Jr. brings the UL-21 back into the pits from the Unlimited Lights final. George finished 3rd on the course but was penalized for jumping the gun. George used to own this boat and ran it as GP-25 "Shameless". George sold the boat prior to the race in Valleyfield to John O'Brien and has been driving it for him. Today was George's last ride in the boat and although he was penalized he had a great ride. Good Luck to John O'Brien and his whole crew with the new boat!!

Old & New
George Kennedy, Jr, former owner of GP-25 and his family with the new owner of UL-21, John O'Brien and his crew.

"Time For A Nap"
Austin Hayes takes time out from the action to take a nap.

---- SATURDAY ----


Jersey Speed Skiffs
Drivers from the Jersey Speed Skiffs attend their Driver's Meeting.

Performance Inflatables
The Performance Inflatables taking off at the 5 minute gun for Saturday's qualifier.

What A Great Looking Crew!!
All of the owners, drivers and riders of the Jersey Speed Skiffs gather for a picture.

JS-45 "The Menace"
Driver, Dennis Macy and Riding Mechanic (also his daughter), Danielle Macy, enter the course in their Jersey Speed Skiff "The Menace" for their qualifier. They had a great first heat but on the start of the second heat they were involved in a collision with JS-94 "Chiro 1". They did not receive much damage and were able to run in the restart of the heat later in the day.

JS-7 "Rolling Thunder"
Driver, Tom Pakradooni and Riding Mechanic, Martha Atkins leave the pits for their qualifier.

JS-94 "Chiro 1"
Driver, Charles Strickland, Sr. and his Riding Mechanic (also his son), Charles Strickland, Jr enter the course for their qualifier. They had a great first heat but in their second heat of their qualifiers they were involved in a collision with JS-45 "The Menace". The boat landed upside down and both of them were able to surface themselves from their cockpit. Charles, Sr. was transported to Detroit Receiving for x-rays and is presently in the pits putting their boat back together for the trip home. Because of the extent of damage that the boat received the "Chiro 1" will not be able to compete in tomorrow's finals.

---- FRIDAY ----


Driver's Meeting
Drivers from the Unlimited Lights and the Inflatables attend their driver's meeting. The driver's meeting for Jersey Skiff will be held tomorrow.

Belle Isle Pits
This is a view of the Belle Isle Pits from the point.

The Performance Inflatables wait for their 5 minute gun.

Unlimited Lights
The Unlimited Lights sit at the dock awaiting their 5 minute gun.

Ul-21 "Roostertail" leaves the pits at the 5 minute gun for the Automotive Gold Cup.

UL-38 "Village Idiot" enters the course for the 5 minute warmup for the Automotive Gold Cup.

UL-72 "Budweiser Pocket Mechanic" heads onto the course for the Automotive Gold Cup.

UL-929 "Sinbads" heads onto the race course.


---- THURSDAY ----


The Dodge Pits
The view of the Dodge Pits from Belle Isle.

UL-38 Prepares for tomorrow's qualifiers

Dave Hayes prepares UL-21 for its new owner

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