The Chrysler Jeep Detroit APBA Gold Cup
---- Sunday ----

The legendary Gold Cup trophy
Pit row, looking towards the Roostertail
The Gold Cup winners!
The Miss Budweiser team
Dave and Pam Villwock
With the Gold Cup
Bud on the trailer
Ready for the next race
---- Saturday ----

Bud crew working on a bullet
Driver autograph party
Mark Evans at the autograph session
Vintage boat
Miss Madison
The Horace Dodge Pits
Miss America VII
This reproduction is SPECTACULAR
Appian crew member
Working on a bullet
Dave Villwock
At the autograph session
---- Friday ----

U-1 Miss Budweiser
U-9 Miss Carpenter Communications
U-6 Miss Madison
Miss Elam Plus
Miss Appian Jeronimo
U-1 Miss Budweiser
Miss Appian Jeronimo
---- Thursday ----

U-3 ... ready to go
U-10 Miss DYC / York ... qualifying run
U-6 Miss Madison ... qualifying run
U-9 Miss Carpenter Communications ... qualifying
U-25 Miss Freei ... qualifying run
U-2 Miss Chrysler Jeep ... qualifying run
U-2 Miss Chrysler Jeep ... great closeup!
U-2 Miss Chrysler Jeep ... another closeup
U-2 Miss Chrysler Jeep ... on the trailer
Miss Elam Plus ... in the sling
Miss DYC / York ... in the sling
Miss Elam Plus ... on the move
Pit Row
Looking to the West
Miss Budweiser on the hook
Ready to go in
Pit Row
Miss Elam and Miss Bud in the water
Miss Budweiser
On a test or qualifying lap
Miss Bud coming into the pits
A wonderful shot of Detroit in the background
Miss DYC/York
Going out for testing & qualifying
East end of the pits
Miss FreeI, Miss, Miss Budweiser
Middle of the pits
Miss Madison, Miss Carpenter Communications (Jones), and the UL "Happy Go Lucky"
West end of the pits
Miss DYC/York, Miss Appian Jeronimo, Miss Elam Plus, Llumar Window Film, Miss Chrysler Jeep
Miss Elam Plus
On the crane
The Budweiser camp
The mighty Allison!
Up close
Miss Llumar Window Film
Returning to the pits
Miss Appian Jeronimo
Speeding past the Waterworks bleachers

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